RosieCup Menstrual Cup

✔ healthier alternative to the tampon ✔ doesn't absorb natural fluids ✔ catches falling blood

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MyPad reusable menstrual pad

MyPads Reusable Menstrual Pads / incontinence pads

  •  Healthier  
  • Soft for sensitive skin  
  •  Eco-friendly
  •  Absorbant natural bamboo  
  •  Easy to wash in normal wash

RosiePanty Awesome Menstrual Underwear

✔ super absorbent 

✔ odor resistant  

✔ leak proof  

✔ cant see it in a tight dres

You can simply rinse and reuse them.  

So easy - Soo ecooh  

!Coming Soon!
menstrual underwear

MyToo Bamboo Toothbrush

Sooh Soft 

Sooh Ecooh

100% compostable

100% recyclable  

Go Eco

EcoSticks 100% Organic & Compostable

✔ Recycled package ✔ Re-recyclable package ✔ Compostable sticks ✔ Plastic-free ✔ Chemical-free ✔ Soft & safe for your skin  

organic compostable cotton buds
organic beewax wrap

EcoWrap Organic Handmade Beewax Wraps

Store your food safely plastic-free  

✔ Handmade ✔ organic cotton ✔ sustainably harvested beeswax  

  🌱 reusable and fully biodegradable 🌱

  How does it work? Simply use the warmth of your hands to adjust the shape and wrap your food in our EcoWrap

EcoPads Reusable Organic Make Up Pads

✔ organic bamboo  

✔ simply wash and re-use  

12 pcs + bag to wash them in  

Rosies Water filter

Rosie's Water Filter 


✔ chlorine  

✔ fluoride  

✔ pesticides  

✔ heavy metals 

So much eco-friendlier and cheaper than bottled water...

Rosie's Shower Filter

Filters the same chemicals to protect your skin  

(your skin absorbs these chemicals, especially when you shower or bath in hot water as this opens your pores)  

...and your hair  

(OMG my hair is soooo much softer now!)  


rosies water filter shower
Rosie's water filter countertop

Rosie's SERIOUS Water Filter

This big baby filters every chemical you can possibly find in your water.

Stay 100% safe with our best water filter ever.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST :: fooooood

We are soooh lucky


 Paleo Energy Bar 

Lives in New Zealand

vegan paleo energy bar
vegan paleo energy bar
organic cacao

Organic Raw Cacao

Organic Peruvian Cacao Butter + Powder POWER COMBO

100g for 11 NZD = the best deal you'll find!

Perfect in SHAKES: blend with coco milk + cacao powder = heaven 

I'm from Belgium and can honnestly admit this is BETTER.than.any.Belgian.Chocolate

because it is with the highest quality AND pure cacao

 no additives, no dairy #zeroshizzle