Rosie's Discoveries

in the media

Liselotte from the Dutch TV Channel RTL was fascinated by our Menstrual Cup and Pads :

Willemijn from the show 'Wil and Tien' uses our menstrual cup!

The Cupkiezer interviewed Rosie  

Nynkek en Mylène from the biggest Dutch website on menstrual cups interviewed Rosie on her own menstrual cup creation

ecosticks bamboo cotton buds

Merel, Dutch Insta Model Merel bettered her life and switched to our EcoSticks 🌱 Eco Bamboo Cotton Buds with Organic Cotton #zeroplastic  

vegan paleo energy bar

Jetske AKA Vegan Fittie Vegan Runner Jetske is a BIG FAN of our Blue Dinosaur Paleo Vegan Energy Bars 


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