frequently asked questions

How fast will my package arrive?

- In Auckland: next day yay! - North Island: within 3 days - Sout Island: within 5 days 

What is the shipping cost?

Freeeee shipping in New Zealand! Oh how nice some things in life are still free... Unlike shopping bags... and YouTube.... and even dance schools don't even offer free trials anymore - what is up with that :-o 

Thank God for free shipping @rosiesdiscoveries 

What if I'm not happy?

Well there is no simple answer to happiness but we will sure as hell make sure you are happy with us! 

If at any point you have doubts about your product, let us know and we will be happy to make you 100% happy (yep that is really what makes us happy!!)

How can I help?  

Excellent question! If you want to support our goal in saving nature (yeeaaah dont set the bar too low!) and offering healthy products to all women (and men if they behave) AND donating healhy brekkies to orphans, well hey: by posting a simple review you help us SO MUCH in achieving this all.  

You can do this on our facebook page and even win a SURPRISE with it! (noooh I'm not teling you what it is. Although it is so cool... Maybe a hint? Okay it starts with yo...

and it ends with treat 8-)

Download your Manual here:

EcoWrap Beewax Wrap

AntiWifi EMF Protection Necklace

MyToo Eco Bamboo Toothbrush 

Rosie's Water Filter Water filters for tap and shower

Rosie's Panty Menstrual Underwear 

Rosie's Cup Menstrual Cup 

Rosie's Cup Remover Tool to remove your Menstrual Cup easier

MyPads Soft and Eco Menstrual Pads and liners 

Rosie's Care Pads Healthier Incontinence Products