About cups and stuff 

Watch this BEFORE you go Swimming with the Menstrual Cup

Do this before you go swimming with your MyCup:

Adventure with the MyCup !!

Are you a fan of nature? Do you want to do SkyDiving, horse riding, camping? Yes, nature is my big love ... but secretly hey ... the biggest advantage to the menstrual cup for me is when you travel ... you have extra space for an extra pair of shoes !! : D Instead of boxes full of tampons, bah! And the fact that you can go for hours kayaking doing whatever the heck you wanna do padoo-ah ah, without toilet stops or cooonstant thoughts about toilet stops.  

Always wash the MyCup with water. You do not have to use soap. Rinse well every time, that's it.  

Tips during sports:  

Test your MyCup adequately before you go on an excursion. The first few times she is not always in the right place - because it is new to your body & b&ca&se all muscles tighten and work against it. That is what we do in new situations hey: being tense πŸ˜‰  

I recommend using a (washable !!) panty liner on top of your MyCup for the first time, just in case. You should not be caught with leaks when the cup is not 100% in the right place. Every time you use the MyCup, she will feel better and better. When you feel comfortable with it Feel whether your menstrual cup is fully folded open so it is nicely vacuumed. Can you turn them around easily?  

Tips while travelling:

Put your MyCup in your carry-on! You never know when your period breaks through (certainly flying heights in a sudden cycle switch and make your period come through much earlier than expected) and you never know if they lose your suitcase ... unfortunately it happens! And buying a cup is not as fast everywhere as here with us: order today, tomorrow delivered 😊 Always use drink water to clean your MyCup Take a steriliser cup with you, you can easily sterilize the cup with boiling water Do not forget your cotton bag! With it you can take your MyCup anywhere without having to worry about having it bump into something  

Have fun !!!  

Cystes: Naturally Healed

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a metabolic problem that overcomes 15% of women with menstruation. Currently there is no solution or insight into the causes according to traditional medicine ... The holistic doctors talk differently about it and helped me tremendously !! Symptoms of POS Irregular monthly periods: they do not get through very often but when they do, the blood streams flow and it hurts so much !! It is so extreme that some women have it for - not a week or a few days) but weeks and even months! Other women just do not have any ... Seems easy, but they usually feel very lifeless and down. Infertility or lower fertility because there is less ovulation Cysts without symptoms The cramps can feel deadly, especially when the cyst tears open (aw !!!) POS is related to too many male hormones, including testosterone ... and that causes less hair on our heads and more on our chest, face and stomach Women with POS gain weight faster and have more difficulty losing it. Beware! Other health problems - whether or not related to the cysts in a larger story - can mask and reverse symptoms such as these: it may well be that you have POS and will continue to lose weight ... Do you want to know more about this? If you do register to our VIP list, then I will send you the following article, in which we will go deeper into it. Tips for survival with POS We learn about POS every day, so be sure to keep up-to-date about the latest discoveries !! Ultimately everything is linked in our body. We are part of a larger system & PO& is only one consequence of a limp system. It may sound strange, but a healthy diet, a lot of exercise, love and connection with other people, are the basis of a good strong health. Start small! You do not have to change your whole life immediately. Going step by step is the only way to sustain it in the long term. Step one: avoid sugar (is inflammatory, that is, it causes inflammation and overloads your immune system) ... and if you are already that motivated that you already want to try step two: dance dance dance! That is my way of moving anyway πŸ˜‰ It makes me happy, it moves every muscle, from all sides. It can be calm or crazy wild. It's got it all! So essential: Do not forget to be kind to yourself. Rest and eat when you are tired, forgive yourself for your mistakes, allow yourself a day off Do you have your own tips or experiences to share? Leave a message! So many women in pain will be so happy with it  

Top 10 Mood Boosters

Do you also feel GMRBLLBRMRBRL during your monthly periods?  

Here are 10 instant solutions that always work!  

  • Bubble bath. Yes! That is also possible with blood loss. There is at most a small slime with a red color, that you can just catch and dispose of. It is not blood that flows out of you! It is mucous membrane with a bit of blood in between. Which ensures that it always sticks together in a mini mess and does not color your whole bath red ;-) 
  • Reading about spirituality. Helps for all negative feelings, physically and mentally. 
  • Writing about spirituality! Even better ... What do you think about it yourself? Nothing better than philosophizing with yourself. And writing down helps to create some structure in the chaos in which thoughts are usually tied 
  • Yoga: exercise is sooo good against cramps, but of course you should not overdo it during your menstruation. Yoga is the ideal combination between being active and resting :-)
  • Lemon balm tea: calms enormously. Beware! You will feel less annoyed, but certainly in a hormonal period such as this, this tricky tea can easily give you tears! Do not drink it if you are already sad ;-) 
  • Call your best friend. If someone understands your period, it is a woman! Any woman. Share your struggle & &ou will feel relieved. Real ... periods are still too much taboo. Talk about it, we have it all. We are all human hey ... 
  • Talk about it with your partner or best friend. Sure he does not have it, but he knows enough women who suffer from it. He will have more understanding than you think! Breaking through these taboos is the greatest relief ever!  
  • Massage ... and do not be stingy, immediately go for a good professional masseuse. Nothing more relaxing than a Hawaiian massage. It makes your blood flow and your head tingle. Better than any drugs, yes! 
  • Music or course! Calm beautiful music will bring your whole body into a state of peace 
  • And if you can sing along ... totally the best! Your strongest tool to express emotions is your voice. I sing worse then you can imagine, but man, it helps! Do not be shy. Sing as if no one can hear it. Dance as if no one sees it and love yourself as if you were never hurt.  

Let me know how you go sweetie! 

lots of love,


It is Time to Train our Pelvic floor muscles !!

Your pelvic floor muscles help you to use your menstrual cup, but also: your sex life!  

Even the fitness babes usually forget to train the pelvic floor muscles.  

What happens if you do not train them?  

As with all muscles, they become weaker. 

I am here again with my freaking prehistory, but we are a prehistoric being, and during that time we climbed up and down every day over all kinds of obstacles, training all our muscles, including the pelvic floor muscles.  

If, for example, you do not train your arm muscles, it will be very painful to carry a bag of 50 pound potatoes. Or just your shopping bags! You will experience pain in your arms, but also in your neck, your back, everywhere, because your arm muscles are too weak for this situation.  

The same applies to the pelvic floor muscles: many women experience pain during:  

1. Sex 2. Menstruation 3. Use of the menstrual cup  

... because these muscles are underdeveloped.  

Do yourself a favour and try these simple exercises every day, 5 minutes max.  

Enjoy !! ;-)  


The IUD, Nuvaring and the Menstrual Cup

Can I use my MyCup with my IUD ? Every woman is different, same goes for the use of the menstrual cup and the IUD separately, the same applies when you want to use them together: testing and finding out what works best for you. So it may be that the menstrual cup together with the coil for your girlfriend absolutely do not go together and for you. If you try and it does not work, you get a full refund for your MyCup. 

The biggest reason for concern among women who use an IUD IUD: can a menstrual cup pull them loose? This is possible when you take your menstrual cup off without first removing the vacuum. Women who both use them together successfully say that they always break the vacuum before they remove their MyCup and thus never pull out their coil. If both are well positioned, the MyCup and the IUD do not touch each other. The IUD is much higher: What you can do to be sure is to feel your IUD wires every month to see if they have not changed in length. Also important is that the wires are not outside the MyCup: otherwise you can still get small blood leaks, because there won’t be a complete vacuum. So always feel whether the wires are in your menstrual cup, not next to it. As you can see: it is quite a job, so if you are new to the menstrual cup and / or to the coil ... First get to know them separately, then add them together afterwards ;-) Always ask your gynecologist for advice and, if necessary, ask to cut the wires shorter, so they do not get in the way of your menstrual cup. For women who have an exceptionally low cervix, the combination of menstrual cup and spiral can be extra difficult because they will collide. Always ask the advice of your gynecologist: he or she can tell you more about your shape. In summary: the MyCup and IUD coil work well together, but there are obstacles. The main thing is that you are aware of this and that you carefully seek and try.  

Can I use my Nuvaring and MyCup at the same time? DOES IT HAVE AN INFLUENCE ON THE RELIABILITY OF THE RING? As long as your ring is in, you are protected! First put your ring in & then your cu&. If you accidentally pull out the ring when you take out your cup, you can simply put it back. You can take them out for three hours, so that is okay According to the Nuvaring website, the ring does not have to be in a specific position to work & it is normal&that it also changes position. Your menstrual cup is lower than the ring, but if it does push something against it and that changes position, than this won't cause any problem. As long as you wear the ring every day for three weeks and take it out for a maximum of three hours, she will keep on doing her job. On this image you can see how it is done right! The Nuvaring, the coil and the MyCup each have their own place:  

rosie's discoveries

Your very first period

Monthlies, menstruation, period, time of the month, menstrual flow. All the same!  

Do not be shy to talk about it: sharing experiences is the best way to understand your own biological rhythm && happily get through every month!  

So many ERIOgirls are afraid to say: I do not feel well because of my PERIOD. Oh no! Especially to a man ... How shameful ...  

Na-ah! Just like eating, sleeping, pee and poo, sweating, need a chat, a cuddly toy, falling in love, making babies, feeling emotions ... monthly blood loss is very human, something very common. Making a taboo around it is just as conservative as those gullible women who compare same-sex marriage with bestiality. (bestiality is sex with animals) Just to say how ridiculous it is to think periods are weird!  

"Yes, we bleed, deal with it"  

Girl on her period: what you need to know ... It feels very scary, that first time period, but it is a natural process that belongs to the healthy development of your body. WHAT ARE PERIODS? Every month your body prepares for pregnancy. A nest of blood is being made in your uterus. So if an egg is fertilized, it can go into it safely to grow. When that fertilization does not take place, this nest is released again. This way a "fresh" one can be made. Make, abort, break down, what a job hey! Women have to put a lot of energy into being fertile to be able to make a child or two...  

Anyway! That litter is made out of blood and mucous membrane. Hence, your blood loss during your periods is never like a tap from which blood flows: the mucous membrane causes the blood to stick and move down slower. For most women this takes 2 to 7 days, until everything gets out!  

An average cycle lasts about 28 days. What does that mean? The whole thing: making egg, letting go, making a nest and then getting rid of the nest ... That takes 28 days. Not exactly, but that's the average. For some women this is much less, for others a lot more. And certainly during the first months / years this process is still starting up and is not that regularly.  

An excellent app that I use to keep track of my periods is "Flo". You can see when your next period is likely to arrive and your ovulation and fertility are estimated, based on all the data you enter (which days you have blood loss, how much, or if you will have pain etc.)  

SIGNALS FOR YOUR FIRST MONTHS TO COME Chance that the extreme anorexic modeling phase is dying out. More and more women with a nice healthy shape are acting in our favorite films. They are no longer all like Kyra Knightly. Because euh ... girls used to think it was terrible to get some shape. While nothing is more beautiful ...  

Just before your first menstruation begins: wider hips, larger breasts and yes ... also more hair in your intimate area and armpits. It's all part of it! 


What girls in your situation ask the most: 

  • When will I have my first period? Most of the girls have it for the first time between 12 and 14. But there are also many exceptions to this. 
  • Okay, I have blood in my underwear ... WHAT DO I DO NOW ?? You do not have to worry! Tell your parents, a friend, a teacher. Any woman can give you advice! And any man who ever met a woman could as well ;-)
  • How long is this gonna take? Most girls have blood loss for five days. Some are lucky and are off after two days! It takes longer for others. When your periods often last longer than 7 days, you should talk to a parent or a doctor. 
  • How much blood will I lose? It looks like a whole bunch of blood, but it is actually only a few spoons full. Mucous membranes and blood clots are also common, so if you see that: do not panic ;-) 
  • Will anyone notice? Only if you want to tell someone! Those hormones that we all like so much also give us some pimples around menstruation, but nobody will count them except yourself ;-) Wear a safe menstrual product, such as the menstrual cup, and nobody will notice anything! 
  • Does it hurt? The one time more than the other. How much pain your monthly periods cause is usually accompanied with your general health. Girls with healthy lifestyles, who exercise a lot, eat healthy, go to the forest and breath in sea air and enjoy life in a mindful way, have much easier periods! 
  • Is it normal for me to feel like SHIT? Hormones can completely upset us. So yes, people can mentally feel very bad, annoyed, angry and do not know what to do with yourself ... A golden tip is to eat as little sugar and drink as possible (including fruit, soft drinks, fruit juice).
  • Can I go swimming? Absolutely! With the menstrual cup you are completely safe and exercise during your periods is highly recommended because the endorphins that are released after exercise alleviate the pain. 
  • Which product do I use ? There are so many options! You have enough time to try them all and find out which ones work best for you. I will show them for a moment ...  

All options:

*For each product: clean your hands before and after each change! 

  • Disposable pads 
  • Disposable tampons  
  • Menstruation cup  
  • Reusable pads 



  • The first period are a milestone in the life of a woman! Celebrate it together and reassure your daughter that the menstruation is healthy, but also let her know this does not mean that she suddenly has to be 100% mature: she can still enjoy her childhood! This is only one step in the long process of aging. So you too should not be afraid to lose your little girl now ;-)  
  • Educate your daughter in advance, by talking or giving a book for teenagers 
  • Create space for conversation. Share your own experience as a mother: how was it for you when you were her age?
  • Suggest options: cups and pads etc. (Google is your friend ;-) and us too!)

Death By PMS

  ''I want to commit suicide the day before my period.''


The list of symptoms of PMS is extremely long. Some women experience the whole rammalam, others only feel it with a predictable bad mood.  

  • Swollen belly Pimples Tantra Panic Too much hunger or no hunger Asthma attacks Holding back from doing social activities Backache Bladder irritation Bleeding gums Sensitive and swollen breasts Bruising More clumsy than usual Being confused Inflammation on the eyes Constipation Cramps Crave for salt or sweet (especially chocolate!) Crying Bad hearing Reduced productivity Reduced libido Depressed feelings Easier to be distracted Being dizzy Sleepy Swollen face Fatigue Fear of being alone Fear of going outside alone Fear of velocity control Swollen fingers Sensitivity to certain food Being forgetful Pain everywhere Headache Herpes outbreak Skin rash Vapeurs Sensitivity to alcohol Being hypersensitive to light and sound Not being able to decide Insomnia Quick irritation Joint pain Cramps in the legs Swollen legs Mood swings Be sick Palpitations Panic attacks Bad coordination Reduced judgment Poor memory Poor visibility Being restless Tinnitus Running nose Sinusitis Sore throat See spots Being suspicious Tense muscles Tingling in hands and feet Vibrate Throwing up Epileptic attacks 


What a list!

No wonder PMS is often wrongly diagnosed as something completely different, such as anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, personality disorders (!) And even epilepsy.  


  • No sugar
  • Take extra vitamin B6
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Move enough OUTSIDE your period
  • Rest a lot during your period
  • Chillax. Baths. Music. MASSAGES. A good massage can create MIRACLES!!

It is Time to Train our Pelvic floor muscles !!

Your pelvic floor muscles help you to use your menstrual cup, but also: your sex life!  

Even the fitness babes usually forget to train the pelvic floor muscles.  

What happens if you do not train them?  

As with all muscles, they become weaker. 

I am here again with my freaking prehistory, but we are a prehistoric being, and during that time we climbed up and down every day over all kinds of obstacles, training all our muscles, including the pelvic floor muscles.  

If, for example, you do not train your arm muscles, it will be very painful to carry a bag of 50 pound potatoes. Or just your shopping bags! You will experience pain in your arms, but also in your neck, your back, everywhere, because your arm muscles are too weak for this situation.  

The same applies to the pelvic floor muscles: many women experience pain during:  

1. Sex 2. Menstruation 3. Use of the menstrual cup  

... because these muscles are underdeveloped.  

Do yourself a favour and try these simple exercises every day, 5 minutes max.  

Enjoy !! ;-)  


HOW TO... Sterilize your Menstrual Cup

The instructions for use of our steriliser are included with the MyCup, because most women order them together.  

So if you've already thrown those of your MyCup away or use a different menstrual cup, help!  

Then you ended up here at the right address ;-)  

The sterilization of your menstrual cup with the sterilizer proceeds as follows:  

1. Put your MyCup in, with the stem down 2. Add cold water: until your sterilizer is about 2/3 full 3. Put on the lid loosely 4. Heat 2 min on 800 Watt 5. Let it cool down and then pour out the water and take out your cup  



TIP: to remove discoloration on your cup, add a little vinegar the first time & repeat the wh&le process again without vinegar  

Let us know how it goes!  

  How high should I insert my cup?

The general rule is: You know when your menstrual cup -1- is the right size and -2-well inserted at the right height and in the right position, if the stalk is not coming out, but comes to the bottom of your vagina, making it easy to handle: then you know that your menstrual cup is in the right position. In comparison with the tampon, the MyCup is lower (hence the longer thread on tampons). On this image you can see the difference well. The bottom line shows the bottom of the menstrual cup, the top line shows where the tampon is located. Attention: every woman has different shapes. It may be that you are an exception to this. Therefore always feel free to mail us for all your questions and doubts, talk about it with friends and your doctor. The more we chat about it, the clearer and easier it becomes for everyone ;-) xoxo Roro

Candida Naturally Healed

Fungal overgrowth is one of the most common health problems for women and often causes many other syndromes, without the candida itself being noticed.  

Candida is a fungus that lives in our intimate region. It's good there, as long as it does not take over. Like the Germans, we like them as neighbors, but when they invade our country, we become a little grumpy.  

This way, too much Candida can cause a world war in your entire body.  

That war can lead to digestive problems, fatigue, a blurry head, dry skin, pimples, mood swings, and much more ...  

Okay I talk a lot about diseases and war ... maybe a positive note too: by tackling the candida, you can solve all those other problems! Sometimes partly, often completely ... Do not underestimate candida ... The balance between all the different microbes inside us is soooo important. It is the basis of how we feel, now and now and now ... At any time ;-)  

A healthy dose of Candida, for example, helps us to take vitamins from our diet. But when it grows to large, it gets into parts of our body where it should not be (really like the Germans: they cross the border, literally)  

(and with Germans, I mean the Hitlers who are long dead, obviously, not the Germans of today who have been behaving very well until now! :p :p)  

That candida breaks the intestinal wall to get through and ends up in the blood stream. There she leaves toxic waste, which can make us very ill! Plus we get leaking guts that allows too much nutrients into our bloodstream: we can get all sorts of food allergies.  


Currently there is no war. Beyond the terrorists. All countries are working together on a secure Europe.  

But when some countries become too weak, such as Greece, Spain etc ... other countries like England decide to leave the EU. Which another country could decide, such as Germany in the past, maybe China in the future, who knows: "Okay, they are weak, it is time to attack and change everything a bit more to our own needs!"  

That is what happens in your body: when necessary healthy groups of bacteria become weak, Candida can do whatever it wants.  

This is possible, for example, by using antibiotics: you simply kill the bacteria.  

Or when you eat a lot of carbohydrates, you feed the candida too much. That is why my face swells when I eat carbohydrates: that too is due to candida that starts to grow and attack immediately.  

Contraception, stress, sugar and even healthy things like Kombucha and sauerkraut can lead to Candida overgrowth!  

10 TYPICAL CANDIDA SYMPTOMS Yellow nails Being tired, even after a good night's sleep Constipation (often alternating with diarrhea) Psoriasis Concentration problems Allergies Vaginal infections Itching (often in an intimate area, but also head and skin) Easily getting irritated Longing for sugar !!  


  • Attack the candida: You can easily do so by eating a lot of garlic and chilli Pills with oregano oil work very well !! 
  •  Avoid sugar! This is how you starve the candida, because it needs sugar to survive. You will notice that you will be craving less for sugar when the candida becomes smaller, because candida makes us want sugar. Candida produce substances that give our hormones and neurotransmitters the same signal for sugar. Smart fungus hey! 
  • Feeding healthy bacteria: Eating probiotics such as cabbages and carrots Get your hands dirty in the forest so you get all kinds of bacteria (including through your skin) Heal the intestinal wall 
  • Bone broth drink: from chicken bones jummie! Glutamine pills also help very well to restore the intestinal wall  

Do you have questions or do you have any interesting tips yourself?  

Let me know! Share your experience, it helps other women so much !!